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CCTVPinoy | Affordable CCTV and Solar Packages, Installation and other CCTV and Solar Services in Metro Manila!

CCTVPINOY started as a group of freelancer (Engineer, Designer and Installer) whose expertise is in the field of CCTV installation and design, maintenance, support, upgrading of existing system and online remote viewing configuration. Our expertise leads to create a company name which easy to remember as a Filipino and that is CCTVPINOY, “Affordable CCTV Surveillance System Services for every Filipino”. CCTVPINOY is dedicated in providing a QUALITY and AFFORDABLE CCTV System solution and maintenance services to increase protection of clients’ investments, business or home.

Our vision is to be the one of the RESPECTED LEADERS in CCTV Surveillance System (Products, Services and After Sales) in the Philippines.

Our mission is to provide a quality and affordable CCTV System solution to our clients to protect their business, people and place.

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