·  Check operation controls and cable connections.

·  Clean the dust inside the DVR.

·  Check and adjust time /date and memory settings.

·  Check recording and playback quality.

·  Retrain users on the use of the CCTV System

·  Check monitor and cable connections for deterioration and damage.

·  Check and adjust settings for best picture quality.

·  Check cameras, supporting brackets and for deterioration and damage.

·  Check camera field of view and lenses focus.

·  Check operation of auto iris lens / manual iris lens.

·  Clean cameras, lenses and housing.

·  Check operation of infrared units.

· Check power supply readings using Volt Ohm meter.

· Check cables and connections.

·  Check back-up devices connections such as UPS and AVR

- CCTV Maintenance is for Metro Manila Customers only.
- Maintenance has a 1 Year locked-in period.
- General Maintenance Twice a Year
- Unlimited on-call service (2-3 Days response time)
- Major repair such as re-cabling is not included in the maintenance.
- Replacement of major items such as DVR/NVR, hard drive, analog/ip camera, switch, monitor and adapter/centralized power supply are also not included.
- Minor items like BNC Connectors, DC Connectors and junction box are free of charge.


Affordable Fees:

1-2 Cams - P 2,000 per quarter

3-4 Cams - P 3,000 per quarter

5-6 Cams - P 4,500 per quarter

7-8 Cams - P 5,500 per quarter

9-10 Cams - P 8,500 per quarter

11-12 Cams - P 9,500 per quarter

13-14 Cams - P 10,000 per quarter

15-16 Cams - P 10,500 per quarter