CCTV cameras set up in Santa Ana, Manila captured a policeman in the act of beating an allegedly drunk person after the latter supposedly disrespected him.

Emil Sumangil reported on 24 Oras on Wednesday that Quezon City police officer PO1 Leo Tupas, 36, beat up Eduardo Javar, 55, following a verbal altercation.

At the beginning of the video, an inebriated Javar was seen falling down after walking a short distance from a house.

He spotted Tupas beside a tent and tried to call his attention but the officer chose to ignore him and went home.

Javar followed Tupas, put a hand on his shoulder, and started talking at him as the officer walked home.

Tupas tried to send Javar away at first but when Javar refused to stop, the officer grabbed him by the waist and began pummeling him.

Neighbors ignored the beating at first but were forced to intercede after Tupas dropped a clay flower pot on the elderly man's face and lifted a hollow block to drop on Javar next. Published January 11, 2017 10:47pm